Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ceredigion Councillors Overclaim £12,000 in Allowances

This week's Cambrian News has reported on this story in which two Ceredigion Councillors have been overpaid £11,787 in expenses over the past 11 years.

The report notes that the overpayments have been paid back and that a shake-up of the allowances system should ensure that such errors are not made in the future.

However, because neither Councillor has been named, it does cast a shadow over the remaining Councillors on the Council. I know for example of one Councillor who has already been upbraided in the street by a local resident, accusing him of over-claiming on expenses to which he categorically responded that he was one of the 40 innocents out of a Council of 42.

This of course is the concern - that the errors made by two Councillors could reflect badly on the remainder of the Council. I would therefore take this opportunity to state that I am not one of those two Councillors. Indeed, I have not claimed a penny in expenses since my election so over-claiming on them is in my case, a particularly implausible likelihood!

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