Thursday, 6 October 2011

When Kylie Minogue met Lord Ashcroft

It was quite a surreal sight but one which I was nevertheless quite touched with when I watched this BBC News piece yesterday.

Lord Ashcroft awarding an Honorary Doctorate to Kylie Minogue?! Not even in the scripts of Neighbours could you have considered such a thing possible.

But this wasn't Ramsey Street. No, this was Anglia Ruskin University where the 43 year old superstar was recognised for her work in promoting breast cancer awareness with an Honourary Doctorate in Health Sciences at a ceremony in Chelmsford.

Kylie was already a beloved celebrity but the way in which she valiantly fought against her own battle with breast cancer only increased this love and affection still further.

Her award here then was justly rewarded but it was amusing to see the comedy in the moment as Kylie tried to tease the top Tory donor as he gave her the official command.

Having never been to University herself, she said her father would be justly proud to see her receiving this academic honour.

Well done to Kylie or as we should now call her...Dr Minogue.

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