Sunday, 2 October 2011

The longest headed goal in footballing history?! Arise, Jone Samuelson!

I can't believe that I missed this stunning headed goal from Norway last weekend.

As shown here on the BBC News website, Jone Samuelsen has written himself into footballing folklore with what is surely to be confirmed as the longest headed goal in the history of the game. It was scored for Odd Grenland in injury time to cap a 3-1 victory after the opposing Tromso IL goalkeeper went up to the opposite side of the pitch to take part in a corner for his team.

What makes it remarkable is that the goal was from within Jone Samuelsen's own half and is reputedly some 57m from the goal itself. It has now made an internet sensation out of this unheralded Norwegian footballer - such was the outlandish proportions of this freakish footballing act.

Well done Jone Samuelsen - you've just created a little bit of quirky footballing history and I salute you for it!

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