Monday, 21 February 2011

Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital Radio! (episodes 7-9)

Following on from my recent blog posts here and here about the return of the comic leg-end that is Alan Partridge to our airwaves, we continue with the series.

He's back hosting Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital Radio (with sidekick Simon).

Here are the next 3 installments that will bring us bang up to date.

Episode 7 sees Alan playing 'on-line Battleships', 'what is Alan firing his friend's air rifle into?' and an Alan Partridge interview with....Alan Partridge. Who was his toughest interview? Desmond Tutu! His favourite TV show? Deal or No Deal!

Episode 8 sees Alan stand-in for Eddie Sheperd on North Norfolk Today in his own inimitable, bombastic manner! In it he interviews a local Tory Councillor (the former Mrs Brittas from the Brittas Empire!) and does a turn as Jeremy Paxman!

Episode 9, the latest in the series sees Alan's tounge twister phone-ins (but only for the under 7s). Alan also meets with a survival and naturalist expert who in a former life served in Afghanistan (and we all know of Alan's fascination with hand-to-hand combat!) and explains a situation where the RSPB could become a radicalised home-grown terrororist cell! Alan's own tounge twister - "Tackle Tough Taliban Terrorists To Topple Totalitarian Tyrants"

The important question....'did that man hurt the Muppet'?!
The important answer...Bill Oddie in not dead!

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