Friday, 18 February 2011

Alan Partridge is Back with Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital Radio! (episodes 1-3)

I love my comedy and it doesn't get much more surreally entertaining than the leg-end that is Alan Partridge.

Now admittedly, Armando Iannucci and Steve Coogan's famed concoction isn't to everyone's taste but he certainly is to mine. Alan Partridge and his Knowing Me, Knowing You chatshow and 2 subsequent series made him in my book, one of the greatest comic creations of the 1990s.

But until today, I was wholly unaware that Alan is still going strong in 2011!

He's now hosting Mid Morning Matters on North Norfolk Digital Radio (with sidekick Simon).

For anyone like me who wasn't aware of his return, beginning back in November, here are the first 3 episodes.

I'm glad to say that he hasn't changed one bit!

Here's episode 2...

Here's episode 3, oddly enough, released 7 days before Bernard Matthews died...

More from Alan Partridge and sidekick Simon soon...

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