Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dancing on Ice (The Final 8) - Judge Cole's Verdict

Last week saw the departure of Comedy Dave Vitty and unlike the previous week, it was no great surprise in the competition's grand scheme of things.

This week saw the final 8 attempt 3 different skills - a real challenge for them all.

Unfortunately however, I missed it all! I've been away at a family gathering and only got back in to see Vanilla Ice's conclusion to the evening's programme (and it did look like a stonkingly good performance to his own Ice Ice Baby it must be said!).

So I could only comment on the brief highlights that I saw at the top of the results show and from what the judges said.

Again, Laura Hamilton and Sam Attwater lead the way althogh it's interesting to note that for the first time in the series, Sam has slipped off the top spot. Vanilla Ice's performance picked up from where he left off last week as he continues to demonstrate a real potential to go much further in this competition. Chloe Madeley has again become stuck in the lower-upper order and is not making the progress that she should be making.

Denise Welch gave a good performance whilst Jeff Brazier slipped back having made great strides forwards over the past fortnight. Johnson Beharry succeeded in carrying off a lift whilst Kerry Katona continued to go nowhere with her performance - the skills really showing her up badly.

The Skate-Off
Seeing Kerry in the bottom two was no surprise but once more, Jeff fell backwards to join her in the skate-off.

Jeff made a better stab of his second attempt whilst Kerry nearly fell apart and off her partner's shoulders in what would clearly be her final appearance.

As it turned out of course, the judges had their clear cut opportunity to vote Kerry off and save Jeff. They did so of course and they were right to do so.

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