Wednesday, 12 October 2011

3 Ceredigion County Councillors admit their £12,000 expenses errors

Last week, I commented here on a Cambrian News article which had brought to light the fact that 2 Ceredigion Councillors had been overpaid a total of nearly £12,000 in expenses over the past 11 years.

In that post, I commented that neither of the two had been named which was unfortunately casting a shadow over the remaining 40 of us who had not made the error.

Today's Cambrian News front page however, rectifies that. As this article states, there were actually 3 Councillors who had wrongly overclaimed. They were Cllr Haydn Richards (Plaid Cymru) who over-claimed £1,203.40, Cllr David Evans (Plaid Cymru) who over-claimed £5,100.42 and Keith Evans (Independent) who over-claimed £5,484.12 in travel expenses.

They had all paid back the overpayment and I believe the reasons that they gave in mitigation for their errors.

It was only fair on the remainder of us that they stepped forward and admitted their mistakes and I'm pleased that they did so.

Under the new system that is in place, such errors shouldn't occur again.


  1. Nicky Charlton-Lewis12 October 2011 at 21:14

    Quite right too....

  2. make sure you mention their party affiliation won't you!

  3. It's what the Cambrian News did.