Tuesday, 20 September 2011

No Lighty, No Likey

In Victoria Gardens
A number of confused and bemused residents have contacted me in recent weeks, asking why a number of lighting lamp posts in the town have been cut in half.

At the time of these happenings a few weeks ago, even I didn't have an answer. But on enquiring with the Council, it soon transpired that there was of course a reason. As it happens, the Council had sent me a letter which crossed in the post and which explained that on evaluating the street lighting across the county, many needed to be removed for safety reasons and will be replaced as soon as is practically possible.

On North Road

It would've helped of course had us local Councillors been sent these letters of explanation before the lamps were removed and not after.

As you can see in my photos here from North Road and Victoria Gardens in Cardigan, the lamp stumps have been covered over for the time being with yellow taping.

In the meantime, I have copied the letter that I received from the County Council's Highways Department and along with a covering letter from myself, have posted it through the 150 or so houses that live in the immediate vicinity of the 5 such lamp posts that have been cut in half in my ward during the past month. The letters aren't only for information but also note that the Council have requested that residents get in contact if they want to prioritise any of the lamps to receive the remedial works in the first instance.

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  1. They could have had the courtesy to advise the local councillor and the Town Council.

    When Councils do something like this without keeping people in the loop, the conspiracy theorists have a field day and that wastes EVERYBODY's time, including yours.

    Suggest you fire off a memo to the Director of Highways (?) to remember this in future. A one minute phone call to a few people would save hours of everyone's time.