Friday, 23 September 2011

The 182nd Most Popular British Political Blogger! Thank You To My Readers

I've been away for the past week at the annual Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham (a review to follow in a forthcoming blog post). During the week I've been away, Total Politics have been drip-feeding their 2011 Blog Awards Results out to the wider-world. It's the first time that I've been involved in the proceedings and I must add my comment to that of others that the way in which they were released did not show Total Politics off in a particularly professional light.

But anyway, the results themselves amazed me. I was really quite stunned to have made such high entries into 5 different categories at my first attempt. The various categories were broadly split into two - for individual Bloggers and for Blogs.

In general terms, I came out much higher as an individual named blogger than my blog did on its own merit. I don't really know what this means but it would seem to indicate that my presence as a Welsh, local government and Liberal Democrat individual blogger has been greater than the presence of the total worth of the blog in which I have written.

Either way, here are the results...

In the Top 50 Welsh Blogs List I came in at No.20 which is especally pleasing as I have been particularly keen over the past year to emphasise my Welsh roots in my writings.

In the Top 35 Councillor Blogs List I again came in at No.20. Again, this is particularly pleasing as I have attempted amongst my various writings, to give an insight into life as a Cardigan and Ceredigion County Councillor. On which note, hearty congratulations should also go to my Ceredigion colleague, Plaid Cymru Councillor Alun Williams who came in at No.35 on the list.

In the Top 100 Lib Dem Bloggers List I came in at No.22, right in the middle of a mix of names of Lib Dem bloggers who I greatly respect.

In the Top 100 Lib Dem Blogs List I came in at No.37, again right in the middle of a mix of Lib Dem blogs that I greatly enjoy reading.

Finally, whilst my blog didn't make the overall Top 300 UK Political Blogs List, my name as an individual Blogger more than did so.

In the Top 300 UK Political Bloggers List I finished high up at Number 182, ahead of (amongst others) Jon Snow, Daniel Finkelstein, Bethan Jenkins AM, Glyn Davies MP, Johann Hari, Simon Hoggart, Ed Miliband and possibly best of all, Nadine Dorries!

I will proudly add the buttons to my blog over the coming days to showcase these results as I am incredibly thankful to all of my readers who voted for me in the recent Total Politics Blog Awards in the Wales, Council and Liberal Democrat categories.

I dedicate my first year growth and acknowledgements to my blogging mentor Andrew Reeves who gave me such encouragement and support along the way before his untimely death back in June.

Thank you Andrew and thank you to everyone who made the effort to nominate little old me and my writings in this way.

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  1. Congratulations.!!! Go on this great work.