Monday, 1 August 2011

Cardigan Cenotaph TLC

I may be a bit of a pedant at times but then I like to see things in their rightful place.

I therefore saw something catch my eye when I walked past Cardigan's Cenotaph a few weeks ago and noticed that one of the small border pillars that encompasses it was out of sync. It was so much so that it was almost falling onto the pavement and as a part of a link-chain boundary fence around our monument to the fallen, could eventually have pulled the rest down with it.

I therefore contacted the Highways section of the County Council and within a short space of time, they have re-set the pillar back into place and on checking it out as pictured, found it to be as soild as a rock which was pleasing.

Cardigan takes its responsibilities to our servicemen and women very seriously and be it Anzac Day, Armed Forces Day or Remembrance Sunday, the town always pays its respects to those that gave their lives for our today with great solemnity.

It is therefore only right that our own monument to them is kept in good condition and whilst it may only be a small thing, I'm glad that this small anomoly was rectified.

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