Thursday, 28 July 2011

Napier St Flood Alleviation Improvements

I was contacted recently by residents living in Cardigan's Napier St concerned about flooding incidents in the street which was not being dealt with adequately by the highways infrastructure there.

At the new flood alleviation culvert in Napier St
As it happens, Ceredigion County Council had begun streetwork improvements and residents queried whether as a part of that work, a better flood alleviation system could be introduced to deal with the river of water that comes down to Napier St from Napier Gardens in times of heavy downfalls.

I got onto the Highways Department as a result and requested satisfactory alterations and they duly and very helpfully obliged. As the above photo shows, a new and sizeable culvert has been introduced underneath the road to deal with any excess water that will arise from such future occurrences.

Residents have responded positively to the works and to the fact that after much complaining without success, a resolution was found so swiftly once they had contacted me with their concerns.


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