Friday, 27 May 2011

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the 2nd Longest Reigning British Monarch

I'm a historian so forgive me my geekiness here, but as I mentioned in my blog here back in February, Queen Elizabeth II has continued to pass new milestones as her longevity and time on the British throne knows no bounds.

Today sees her overtake the mark of her great-great-great-great grand-father King George III as the second longest reigning monarch in British history.

The only monarch to have reigned for longer of course is Queen Victoria and she still has a 4+ year advantage over her great-great grand-daughter.

Queen Elizabeth II would surpass that record if she were still to reign on September 10th 2015 by which time she would be 89. If she has her mother's constitution and she seems to have so, there's no reason why this incredible additional milestone may not be achieved.

Whatever your personal views on the institution of monarchy itself, I doubt that many would be able or indeed desire to besmirch what has been an incredible reign by an incredible monarch.


  1. Its quite hard to besmirch a statistical accident like longevity.

  2. Well done Lizzie!

    I'm all behind you. I know its possibly treason, but I would think you could outlive Charles asI see no reason why you cant live as long as your Mum. I wish I could look as good at 85, even if I manage to get to that age....

    Philip looks younger than Charles. As Philip is 90 this year, why does Charles look so old and he is only 11 years older than me...

    Must pack my bags for the Tower beckons...