Friday, 27 May 2011

After 8 long years...Cardigan's Tesco Junction is...OPEN!

Yes folks, for the first time since it was closed 'temporarily' to south bound traffic in 2003, Cardigan's 'Tesco' Junction at the northern end of the town's by-pass is open at long last.

At the Junction with Mark Williams MP
and Town Councillor Nicky Charlton-Lewis
After years of procrastinating by successive Welsh Assembly Governments, it has quietly been opened today by the contractors with no fanfare, 2 months later than planned. It has re-opened with traffic lights which whilst it wasn't my ideal solution of a roundabout, it's certainly a lot better than the lego set of blocks that have been stationed there for the best part of a decade.

To the 1,500 + people who signed my 'Open Our Junction' petition in 2008 and which I personally delivered to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, thank you.

The entire community deserves great praise for showing its fighting spirit when faced against the odds of an intrasigent Welsh Assembly Government on this issue. The Town Council, the County Council, the local Chamber of Trade, local AMs, our local MP Mark Williams and most importantly, local residents have battled and battled to win the day and today, we've done it!

Cardigan's northern-most entrance is open for business once more and in being so, so is Cardigan's local economy.

I'll say it one more time. Cardigan's Tesco Junction is open.
At last.

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  1. When will Sainsbury's be open? I cant wait seeing as the one in Tenby is so small.

    I hate Tesco's as they've donr too much damage to the High Streets