Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Nail in Gavin Henson's World Cup Ambition

I'm sounding like a broken record here I know, but what the hell is Gavin Henson doing?

Reports from France today point towards his possible sacking by his new club Toulon, having only played 2 games for the fashionable French club since his sudden move from Saracens back in February.

Gavin Henson on his Toulon Debut
I wrote here about Gavin Henson's problems before launching an additional tirade against him here when he dropped Saracens for Toulon after only 3 months and 4 appearances at the club.

Now, it would seem that having made only 2 appearances for Toulon, he is on the verge of being shown the door after a late-night skirimish with his own team-mates in a club after a match win against Toulouse. He was suspended following the incident.

The uber-latest news is that the WRU have summoned the Centre to a meeting to discuss his situation with Chief Executive Roger Lewis and Wales Head Coach Warren Gatland.

Whatever the up-shot of this discussion, it's clear that Henson's head is not in the right place. The question of whether he should be chosen for the World Cup squad is a dud one because if he isn't playing rugby for his club sides, then there's no way that he should be chosen for the squad - no matter how big a name he is.

It's a shame because he hasn't made the most of his potential and is wasting a prodigious talent. But then that's his problem more than it is Wales'. There are plenty of aspiring, hard-working Welsh rugby players who would give their right arm for an opportunity to play for a big-name club and their country.

Until Henson sorts himself out, he should be nowhere near the selection sheet for the Welsh squad. The great shame is that I can't see when in the near future this situation may change for the positive.

A wasted talent. Wasted.


  1. Seems to have gone downhill since he split from Charlotte Church.

    A man with so much ability and skill and he's throwing it all away. And he has no one else to blame but himself.

  2. In answer to your first sentence Mark, my guess is he's not playing much rugby!