Thursday, 3 February 2011

What is Gavin Henson's Problem? Answers on a Postcard Please

Only last month I wrote here about my exasperation at the Welsh enigma that is Gavin Henson.

At the time I was hoping that Warren Gatland would reject calls to name him in Wales' 6 Nations Squad. As it happens, days after I wrote that blog post, he was injured and was automatically ruled out of the tournament so the decision didn't have to be taken.

Henson signed for Saracens on October 28th - he left
them yesterday on February 2nd. Where's the respect?

But his decision today to move to the fashionable southern French club of Toulon, after barely 3 months and just 4 appearances (only one of which was a start) for Saracens after his controversial move to London from the Ospreys just beggars belief.

Yet, I was under the impression that he was dedicated to his family and that his move to London was made so that he could be closer to his children. Am I missing something?

Clearly I am because unless Charlotte Church has moved to France away from the gaze of the roaming paparazzi then the only recognisable British face that Henson will find on his arrival will be that of Jonny Wilkinson.

There is so much to question when it comes to Gavin Henson. To me, all he wants is the glamour and the attention. The showboating has no place in the Welsh national team and unless he changes his ways which I very much doubt, then I don't how how he could fit back into a future Welsh squad.

As we face England in the opening encounter tomorrow, I know one thing for sure. We have a better chance of winning without Gavin Henson.

In which case, I suppose Saracens should breathe a sigh of relief.

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  1. I think it's because of money - he is skint, having not been paid by Ospreys for 18months, and relying on Charlotte.

    His comeback has yet to live up to all (his) hype, he's realised he's 29 this year, and so is approaching the end of his (injury-ridden) career, and is trying to cash in.

    That said, it is v cynical and v attention seeking - but this is what he has done consistently for the last 10 years...