Thursday, 3 February 2011

BBC Wales Rugby Adverts at their best - Wales Vs England? Bring It On!

My Welsh Hero in the 1990s -
Neil Jenkins
 Tomorrow sees the start of the 6 Nations. Wales play England in the opener and it should be a great beginning to the tournament.

Over the past 20 years, since I can remember, the championship has always been built up for me with the quality of the BBC Wales and S4C adverts running up to the big kick-off.

2011 is no different. Here is S4Cs stirring advert for tomorrow's match. No proud Welsh patriot could fail to be stirred by the sight of Barry John, Phil Bennett and Neil Jenkins pulling on that famous red jersey.

The melodic sound of Cerys Matthews singing Ar Hyd Y Nos is the icing on the cake.

Mind you, this is one in a long line of memorable Welsh BBC rugby advertising.

Here for example, is a cartoon advert during 'The Great Redeemer' Graham Henry's time in charge. Note also, the Stereophonics cameo. It was time then, for Henry's Heroes.

Indeed, here's another.

But anyway, less of that.

Because for all it's worth, as Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics said...



  1. Very Interesting :)
    I thought last years six nations advert was the best i've ever seen. It was simply brilliant!

  2. Is that the right link? It sends me to some U2 in France stuff!

  3. It's meant to send you to the Invictus style Six Nations advert

  4. I wonder where S4C got their inspiration?