Thursday, 9 December 2010

Killer Corrie Quotes (No.8) - Elsie Tanner

It's a historic day for Coronation Street. Today is the 50th anniversary of what is a British institution.

We're in the middle of a dramatic week on the Cobbles of Coronation Street. On Monday we saw a great tram crash and since then, the frantic rescue operation has been underway.

It culminates with the soap celebrating its 50th birthday tonight with a live 1 hour episode.

To pay tribute to the world's longest current runnning soap, I'm blogging a quote a day from Corrie's past up until the big day.
Today's quote comes from Elsie Tanner - the siren of the street who was there on December 9th 1960. She had more sparring battles with battle-axe Ena Sharples than she had hot dinners (or men). She was the last ever-present female character from the first episode in the show by the time she herself left in January 1984.

This quote sums her up and how she saw her life in her latter years on the street.

So, quote No.8...

"I was really something when I was young. A different lad every night of the week, they queued up just to walk me 'ome from work. An' then the dance 'alls...'Ow I come to throw meself away on a nothin' like Arnold Tanner I'll never know. I could 'ave done anythin'. Got anywhere. I don't just mean fellers. I mean life generally. I was a fighter...I walked down this street last night in the pourin' rain an' cried...for a girl 'oo once 'ad guts, and hope...only she's dead now. I'm not sure just when it was she died" - Elsie Howard (nee Tanner)

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