Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Killer Corrie Quotes (No.7) - Alec Gilroy on Mike Baldwin

We're in the middle of a dramatic week on the Cobbles of Coronation Street. On Monday we saw a great tram crash in Coronation Street. Last night we saw the first frenetic efforts to help those trapped in the rubble and no doubt that will all intensify this evening.

It will all culminate with the soap celebrating its 50th birthday tomorrow, 9th December with a live 1 hour episode.

To pay tribute to the world's longest current runnning soap, I'm blogging a quote a day from Corrie's past up until the big day.

Today, it's Rovers Return landlord Alec Gilroy giving a glowing endorsement of Mike Baldwin's management style.

Both were well known characters and in many of their ways and outlooks on life were quite similar. But the mutual 'toughness' didn't necessarily do Alec as well in life as it did Mike.

One of the most moving stories that I can ever recall from watching 20 years of life on the Cobbles was the fall from the heights of old that Mike suffered as he struggled with alzheimers. His death in the arms of life-long arch-enemy Ken Barlow was as harrowing and yet apt as could have been envisaged.

So, quote No.7...

"Mike Baldwin might be a smooth lecherous Cockney. But there's aren't many of the boss class left like him. Dedicated to grinding the faces of the working classes and laughing all the way to the bank. Now that's what I call job satisfaction"Alec Gilroy

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