Friday, 22 October 2010

Round 2 - Nadine Dorries Vs 'Socialist Scorned'

I must admit that I'm highly amused to have been referred to as a 'Socialist Scorned' after my rant yesterday against Nadine Dorries - A Blogging Hypocrite.

The highly amusing accusation was made of me by Conservative blog

To just casually label me as a 'socialist' because I happen to have made some comments against a Tory MP really is typical of the right-wingers out there.

'If in doubt, label them the 'loony left' as it were.

My points were more than valid and I stand by them and indeed, if I'm beginning to rile the ringht-wing blogosphere then I must be doing something right!

But, just as an added piece of 'Tory-baiting', I was sent the link to this clip my a resident of Mid Bedfordshire from the election campaign last May. Now, I don't know who Tim Ireland is but he clearly has it in for Nadine.

Having said that, he's absolutely certain that he's above rapproach and accuses Nadine Dorries of some very serious allegations. Whether he's since taken legal advice I don't know.

But, as the local resident who sent me this link said of Nadine: "She's well renowned for being rather self obsessed".


This is probably a case of 6 of one and half a dozen of the other but whatever the underlying issues are here, Nadine Dorries really doesn't help herself. She seems to be her own worst enemy.

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