Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nadine Dorries - A Blogging Hypocrite

I've heard much about Nadine Dorries (Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire) - and none of it good. But I've never had much reason to bother looking into it.

Until today that is when this BBC news article caught my attention - MP Nadine Dorries says her blog is '70% fiction'.

It reports that she told the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, John Lyon that:

"My blog is 70% fiction and 30% fact.

"It is written as a tool to enable my constituents to know me better and to reassure them of my commitment to Mid Bedfordshire.

"I rely heavily on poetic licence and frequently replace one place name/event/fact with another.

"In the light of the bullying onslaught of the Daily Telegraph (which reported the claims about her expenses) I used my blog to its best effect in reassuring my constituents of my commitment to Mid Beds. My commitment is absolute and is always my first consideration regardless of where I sleep at night.

"However, I have always been aware that should my personal domestic arrangements become the knowledge of my political opponents, they would be able to exaggerate that to good effect. Hence the reason for my blog and my need to reassure my constituents."

The Bare Faced Cheek!
This is quite incredible. "I rely heavily on poetic licence and frequently replace one place name/event/fact with another"? Oh, so you mean you lie then Nadine? Clearly the controversy of her not living in her own constituency has come back home (pun intended) to roost.

But it gets worse!

On October 10th, she had the bare faced audacity to write a blog post accusing a Labour opponent of writing fiction! I kid you not! See the damning post here - Nadine Dorries Blog

She accuses a local Labour party candidate Sue Cullen of on-line fibbing about her journalistic credentials. Nadine even goes as far to say the line, "Conned blog readers?"

Yes Nadine! Yes! Conned indeed!

What a blogging hypocrite!
If Nadine Dorries wants to reassure her constituents that she is commited to Mid Bedfordshire, then she should blogging well move there. That's commitment - not empty and downright misleading words on an on-line blog.

If you're not in your constituency because you can't be bothered to Nadine, then don't try pulling the wool over the eyes of your constituents by pretending that you are. As Abraham Lincoln more eloquantly put it:
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt".

Oh and whilst you're at it Nadine, don't throw stones from your glass house. It looks very ugly and demeans all others who are in public service. You might as well be throwing a boomerang 'cos it'll always come back and hit you. The problem is, it hits the rest of us with it.

Here endeth the lesson.


  1. "In the light of the bullying onslaught of the Daily Telegraph..."

    Most of the entries I'm aware of that give the impression that she lived in her constituency *pre-date* the 'assault' by the Telegraph.

    Among the most damning of these is this example from an interview she gave TO the Telegraph:

    "Working 100-hour weeks and commuting from her “post-divorce bolt-hole” in Woburn to London every day, Dorries says she finds the working mother in politics routine “very difficult”.

    Dorries is a liar.

  2. As part of a party that relies heavily on racist lies & censoriship to achieve your obscene & murderous policies I think you owe her a public apology for suggesting that a racist hypocrit like you is ever in a position to morally censure her.

  3. Neil, please explain.

    Obscene and murderous policies? I'm tempted to censure your very comments here but will give you the opportunity to reply first.

    I won't tolerate such language on this site so unless you temper it, it'll be removed.

    I await your response.

  4. Your party enthisiastically supports criminal war against Yugoslavia & the subsequent massacres, racial genocide, ethnic cleansing, sexual enslavement of children & dissection on living people chosen on racial lines. that is clearly murderous & within the legal definition of obcscene.

    I have therefore said nothing in any way rude & your threat to censor in the Nazi cause is simply the contempt for liberal principles almost everybody in your pro-Nazi party practices.

    Among a vast amount of evidence available is this involving complicity in organlegging

    If you wish to claim any trace of liberalism I challenge you to call for those involved in atrocities worse in degree if not numbers than those of Hitler to be brought to trial - including the leaders of your own party. I suppose your alternative is to censor in the Nazi cause.

  5. No, I'll happily leave this on here to prove I'm not a Nazi - just in case there was any doubt!!

  6. No what makes one a Nazi is complicity in Nazi activities such as the war crimes & crimes against humanity your party & its loyal members are all complicit in.

    Being a censor occurs when you practice censorship which is a completely different thing. I acknowledge that, unlike the vast majority of "Lib Dems" you have not yet done o gere.

  7. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.


  8. Almost every LibDem blog deliberately censors any suggestion that this genocide was wrong.

    So assuming you actually meant what you quoted you will be willing to publicly denounce all those other LD bloggers who undeniably have censored the truth for the purpose of promoting war crimes, genocide, Nazism & the LD leadership.

    I won't hold you to the "to the death" promise but perhaps to the slight inconvenience of being expelled by the party for not self censoring to support genocide - something which the party has specifically made a requirement of membership & which therefore every member provably supports.

    So are you willing to denounce LD bloggers who censor in the Nazi cause or are your "to the death" principles less tangible than smoke? I look forward to seeing.

  9. It's not for me to judge others. I'll just judge myself.

  10. And how do you judge a hypocrit who pompously promises to defend free speech "to the death" & then won't say 1 word to support it because it might offend his bosses, whom he knows to be genocidal, child raping, organlegging pro-Nazi war criminals?

  11. I'm a hypocraite now am I? A Nazi also? Nice.

    I don't tell people what to say or think. That's my prerogative.

  12. Your hypocrisy, in quoting Voltaire's "to the death" remark & refusing to stand by it even to the very minor inconvenience is written plainly across your blog here.

    Your last remark is slightly strange - if its your perogative why should you not use it & if you are not doing a political blog to try & persuade people to think things what exactly is the point? Do you get Green stamps from the party for going through the motions or something?

  13. This isn't a political blog. This is a 'Mark Cole' blog. If it was a political blog, you wouldn't fins me talking about Aston Villa and Formula One and Shire Horses and the like on it!

    We're going to have to agree to disagree here Craig.