Sunday, 7 July 2013

The greatest British sporting weekend?!

I have mentioned the long wait for a British Wimbledon champion in this blog many times.

I also mentioned last December how 2012 was surely the greatest year for British sport and that it will surely never be repeated.

Well this weekend, Andy Murray's spell-binding straight sets final win followed barely 24 hours after a famous Lions Test Series win in Australia.

After a 77 year-long wait since Fred Perry's win in 1936, I suppose we couldn't begrudge a few more minutes of delay when Andy failed to convert his first 3 Championship points and then had to fight off break points for his great rival.

But what a delay! The thought that having pulled himself to the brink of history, he may lose his service game was just beyond thought. Would he lose the game and then possibly the set and be sucked into a war of attrition with Djokovic?

I screamed and I shed tears of joy, particularly when he climbed to reach his supporters and gave his mother Judy a hug.

The current US Open Champion and Olympic tennis singles champion will be a shoe-in for the BBCs Sports Personality of the Year award and is now being hotly tipped for a Knighthood.

The Lions also rose to the occasion as they ran riot in the 2nd half of their deciding rubber against Australia to win 41-16 to seal a first series win in 16 years.

Heroes they are one and all and their names will go down in the pantheon of great British sporting moments. The fact that both of these results have occurred over the same weekend is quite incredible.

The greatest weekend in the history of British sport? It's right up there!


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog posts, with a little bit of envy at the number of your page views :)

  2. You seem to have completely missed a mention (or not aware of) Chris Froomes Herculean efforts climbing up 10 percent gradients of the Pyrenees to hold the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. If we're saying this maybe the is one of the Greatest British sporting weekends lets include all achievements