Monday, 18 March 2013

Cardigan makes The Sunday Times 'Top 10 Places in Wales to Live' list

It doesn't surprise me, but it is nevertheless very pleasant to see some national coverage of what is a well known fact in these here parts - that Cardigan is a beautiful, up-and-coming town with so much going for it and is a great place to live.

This Sunday Times 'Top 10 Places in Wales to Live' list didn't only name Cardigan as one of its 10, but the editor actually picked the town as her personal favourite! Quite right too!

Every community has its nay-sayers, those 'the fields are always greener on the other side' brigade - that's just human nature I'm afraid.

But with great inward investment and the longed-for completion of the restoration of our Castle and of the soon-to-start building of our new hospital both on the near horizon, as well as a vibrant community life, steeped in history, culture and tradition, I really couldn't think of many better places to live.

Could you?!

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