Saturday, 29 December 2012

Roger Williams MP & Rodney Berman Honoured in New Years Honours List

Stephen Glenn this morning was hot off the press with his response to the Olympic-laden New Years Honours List.

I was delighted to see the likes of Bradley Wiggins receiving a Knighthood and our Welsh Taekwondo Olympic wonder Jade Jones receiving an MBE for their efforts. But for the exhaustative Olympic list, please do check out Stephen's post for the run-down.

I would like to add from a sporting context that Andy Murray was awarded the OBE after a stellar year on the court and well deserved that accolade was too.

Roger Williams CBE
Roger Williams CBE
I wanted instead however, to say a word about those away from the sporting arena who have been honoured.

Roger Williams MP in particular stuck out for me as a wonderful nomination for the CBE and his surprise at the honour is a mark of the man. I've known Roger now for near on a decade and since 2001 he has been a staunch advocate for the residents of the Brecon & Radnor constituency in Westminster.

As the BBC article above notes, Roger was one of the founder members of the break-away SDP in the early 1980s when he joined his (and my) political heroes Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins in leaving the moribund Labour Party to form an exciting, new and progressive centre-party that would shake-up British politics.

Roger is an under-stated man but I could not think of anyone better deserved for the CBE that he has been awarded today.

Rodney Berman OBE
I was also delighted to hear that Rodney Berman has also been recognised for his work in local government after his 8 year stint as leader of Wales' largest council in Cardiff.

Again, a dedication to public service has been rewarded in what I'm sure for Rodney was an unexpected nod of approval by the Cabinet Office.

My warm congratulations go out to them both in particular as I know them personally, but also to all of those in Wales who have been recognised for their works in today's list.

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