Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Justice for the 96: One Step Closer - Now for Xmas No.1

A great stride forward in the search for justice for the families of Hillsborough was made today when the Lord Chief Justice quashed the verdicts of the original inquest into the 1989 disaster.

It follows the Hillsborough Panel's report which was published on the 12th September - a damning document that made today's news surely inevitable.

Nervertheless, it will hopefully gives those families who have fought for so long, some respite this Christmas in the expectation that the New Year will bring the full justice that they have long craved.

The Justice Collective
In the meantime, I sincerely hope that come this weekend, the charity single being sold to raise money for the families as they continue to fight their legal challenges, becomes Christmas Number One.

The Justice Collection's take on the beautiful and haunting Hollies hit 'He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother' has, at the mid-week mark, edged ahead of the X-Factor's James Arthur by a wafer-thin 3,400 copies.

Here it is...

It may well be only the second time that an X-Factor winner hasn't taken the Christmas crown. That in itself should be a reason to rejoice but this year, we have a deeper reason to support an alternative to the Simon Cowell juggernaut.

2012 was a breakthrough year in the fight for justice for the 96. It would only be apt if it were concluded in such a fashion - a win for the underdog against an all-mighty machine.

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