Sunday, 25 November 2012

The F1 Torch is passed...

It's been a challenging few weeks.

Having collapsed on the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday and taken to hospital, I have since been told to slow down and rest. Easier said than done. It's been a relatively quiet two weeks of recuperation but I have at least had a productive time in catching-up on much needed housework during these past two weeks.

A young Sebastian Vettel with Michael Schumacher
Today, I took some time off from moving my home office downstairs to watch the final race of the F1 season and am delighted to have witnessed Seb Vettel take a 3rd consecutive World Championship victory to level the mark made by Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher.

It is particularly apt that Vettel did so today after an extraordinary race (isn't Brazil brilliant?!) on the same day that saw the retirement of the very same Schumacher.

There is no doubt in my mind that Vettel has all the hallmarks to step into his compatriot's large shoes and as the youngest ever triple champion, he has time on his side to do so. Alonso showed his great race craft throughout the year by tenaciously pulling his Ferrari higher up the grid than the marque merited and at the finale was all so close to spoiling the Red Bull party.

It's been an exciting F1 season and 2013 is set to be fascinating with Hamilton moving sideways to Mercedes to take Schumacher's place. Alonso will be itching to put his near misses right whilst  Button will seek to show that he is the undisputed No.1 at McLaren. Those Lotus' are also looking handy and with Raikkonen at the wheel, it would no doubt be dangerous to underestimate them.

Webber will seek to make a better stab at the title than he has this year and last but before he can beat the rest of the grid, he must defeat his team-mate, that man Vettel. Can the young German make it 4 in a row? I wouldn't bet against it.


  1. Vettel has all the characteristics to be the next Schumacher: Needs a car advantage to win almost all of his races, flattered by average teammates, bends the rules, very lucky, etc.

    Still if Alonso and Hamilton retire he'll be the best there easy.

  2. "Having collapsed on the afternoon of Remembrance Sunday and taken to hospital". Goodness me, anything serious.

  3. sadly simon you sound like a typical brit.
    what is it about you guys that make you such bitter sore losers anytime a german dominates at anything.
    beit schumacher,vettel or the german football team every time they win i can expect to read pages full of brits an aussie with an english background i find it quite embarressing and can understand how you guys get that whingers nickname here in oz.

  4. Ouch!

    Inconclusive Harry but have been ordered to slow down and rest.