Friday, 19 October 2012

The West Wing 2012 Election Reunion

It's been a manically busy time and my blogging (or the lack of it) has suffered as a result over recent months.

One of the many topical issues on which I should be blogging is the on-going American Presidential Election. I haven't had the time to go into detail on the latest comings and goings in this intriguing Obama Vs Romney drama but I had to blog briefly on what is now a 4 or so week old (see, I'm clearly out of touch!) campaign add for Bridget Mary McCormack for State Supreme Court on a non-partisan election ticket which I first saw last night.

What's the fuss? Well for any self-obsessed West Wing nut (eg me), this campaign add is nothing but jaw-droppingly awesome!

Yes, our West Wing favourites have returned for this educational but ever so slightly personally partisan ad and it was like a wonderful walk down memory lane.

The 4 minute clip sees the brief return to our screen of old favourites CJ Cregg, Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, Will Bailey, Kate Harper, secretary Carol Fitzpatrick and my personal favourite, Toby Ziegler.

Indeed, the link here is that the Bridget Mary McCormack mentioned in the ad is the real-life sister to Kate Harper's alter-ego Mary McCormack.

The clip was going along smoothly enough. All characters had aged remarkably well apart from the distinguished features of a rather chubbier looking Josh Lyman, when to my absolute delight, in came President Jed Bartlet with Debbie Fiderer to add to the proceedings.

Here it is...

That final, iconic swirl of Martin Sheen's jacket was the perfect conclusion to an unexpected 4 warm minutes that felt like the finding and wearing of a lost but found comfortable pair of old slippers.


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  1. Seen it before. As a devoted Wingnut I love this clip. I particularly like the way they all flinch when Bartlett throws on his jacket. Incidentally, don't try this at home unless you have first emptied your pockets. I speak from experience.