Sunday, 2 September 2012

Amsterdam's Finest Tulips for Max Bygraves

Life can be very peculiar sometimes and so it has turned out once more.

I must admit that I have never considered myself a great Max Bygraves fan. It's nothing to do with his era or his genre - indeed, I am as much a fan of 1950s and 1960s music as I am of any other decade. My father's influences have clearly resonated with me throughout the years.

Indeed, I can add that his comic hit 'You're a Pink Toothbrush' really grated with me and didn't endear the man to me.

Yet despite this, I have happened in recent weeks to have fallen upon another favourite of his which I have taken too. 'Tulips from Amsterdam' is a beautiful, melodic song which I adore. As it happens, Alyson and I have spoken about our thoughts of travelling for a short break in Holland and this musical revelation has added an orange colour to my summer. I was only listening to the song and singing along to its simple but happy lyrics yesterday morning.

So it was with great sadness that I heard yesterday that Max had passed away in Australia at the grand old age of 89.

He can forget his toothbrush, be it blue or pink, but let there be tulips awaiting him as he moves along to a quieter and more peaceful place.

RIP Max Bygraves

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  1. You talk only of his music, Mark.

    I must admit, I was not a fan of his music or style of comedy and was not surprised that FB was not full of sorrowful messages of sadness at his death.

    But as someone said yesterday, if you go into any old people's homes, you will hear his songs being played.

    Max was from an era, long gone (almost) and yet we all know the songs and sing along to them, and when you hear his jokes...they are still funny today.

    Max has been off the stage for quite a time now, so I guess even you cannot really remember seeing him on TV as I did in my youth. Max was uncool for my generation, as was Des O'Connor, yet Des' reputation was probably due to Eric Morecambe's put downs of him and yet Des played along to it and his career still went up and up.

    Des O'Connor is a brilliant comedian (and singer) in his own way and we must see Max Bygraves in the same light.

    Max had a long life and was a brilliant entertainer and its always a sad loss when one pops his clogs. Unfortunately for me, I have seen so many die over the years and we all have happy memories of those who bring us joy with their music or make us laugh.

    Maybe you need to look at some of Max's comedy, Mark? Just a thought.....