Saturday, 28 July 2012

Oh Nice! RIP Onslow/Eddie Yates/Twiggy

It was with great sadness tonight that I heard of the death of Geoffrey Hughes from prostrate cancer aged just 68.

Known throughout the decades as a comedic stalwart on our TV screens, Geoffrey was for a generation best known as Coronation Street's Eddie Yates. He was a regular on the cobbles between 1974-1983 as a part of the comedic triumvirate with Stan and Hilda Ogden. He returned briefly in 1987 for Hilda's farewell.

Whilst I'm a big Coronation Street fan, I'm a few years too young to remember this halycon era.

Instead, I remember him as do many of my age as The Royle Family's Twiggy. Here he is dancing in that immortal clip to Lou Bega's Mambo No.5...

I however, will always warmly remember him most as Hyacinth's bedraggled brother-in-law Onslow in the 1990s comedy Keeping Up Appearances. He had that loveable rogue quality that had a warmth and heart. Here are some of his finest moments...

He was a comedic gem of a man and is a real loss to anyone with a love of British TV.

RIP Geoffrey Hughes

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