Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Odyssey - Use It Up And Wear It Out (Funk/Soul Disco 1980)

Associations can take many forms.

As a lover of music, sound associations have followed me throughout my life. A particular sound will remind me, often completely out of context, with a certain time or place. An example is the Eagles' 'Take It To The Limit' which will forever remind me of my time on Thailand's Koh Samui with the Gulf of Thailand lapping against my feet (but that's another story).

Another is one of many songs that I associate with Only Fools and Horses. Having been a fan since I can't remember, I can often recite lines of dialogue off by heart. Throughout its 22 year comedic run, it also ran as a sign of the musical times, playing as it did, hit songs from the period.

So it is that I recall for example Fat Larry Band's 'Zoom' from the Series 2 concluding 1982 Christmas special 'Diamonds are for Heather' and Simply Red's 'Holding Back the Years' in the emotional 1989 Series 6 concluding episode 'Little Problems' where Rodney marries Cassandra.

But winding back to the first series in 1981, the 2nd episode 'Go West Young Man' saw Del Boy and Rodney hit the town. I recall vividly that catchy early 80s disco vibe from that episode including a particularly catchy tune which I have ever since, as a result, been greatly fond.

But until last night, I never actually knew the name of the song or of the band that played it until it came on in the Bell in Cardigan and I instantly recorded it on my Shazam mobile 'phone application.

To my complete surprise, it came from a band that I must admit I had never of so I felt I should share it with those who like me, greatly enjoy a wide range of music.

So here is Odyssey's Funk/Soul Disco 1980 hit 'Use It Up And Wear It Out'.

It's odd how I have always associated this song with that early episode of OFAH and yet could not until now, place it any further than that.

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