Saturday, 7 April 2012

Loveston Church - Easter 1962

This photo of the floral display at Loveston Church was taken by my father, Lance Cole, back at Easter 1962.

It is taken from the collection of his photographic slides dated 1961-1976 that we are transferring to modern media.

It is quite incredible, but wonderful at the same time, that this photo taken by my father a full 50 years ago can now, with the help of modern technology, be viewed as fresh, all over again.

Loveston is a small village in south Pembrokeshire. Mine and my father's home of Hungerford Farm was located just a mile to the north. My father was a pupil at Loveston Primary School before he left aged 14 in around 1950/1951.

Dad would've been 25 when he took this photo in 1962.

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