Sunday, 15 April 2012

Like F1 Father, Like Son

I'm absolutely delighted for Nico Rosberg after he secured his first-ever F1 win in China today.

It follows in the footsteps of his father Keke (right) who won the World title in 1982 and who won his last race in Australia in 1985.

This makes them, if I am not mistaken, only the 3rd father-and-son partnership in F1 history to have won a Formula One race after Graham/Damon Hill (left) and Gilles/Jacques Villeneuve (below).

It is also the first win for the pure Mercedes constructor since Juan Manuel Fangio's victory at Monza back in 1955 - when Ross Brawn was just 1 year old!!

So looking ahead, this gives Nico the big break that his talent has clearly shown was there but as a connoisseur of F1 history, it's these historic milestones that make this a particularly sweet win for me. The sadness is that of the 3 above mentioned father-and-son double acts, this was the first where the father lived long enough to see the victory of the son.

Such is the sometimes tragic legacy of Formula One.

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