Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shame on Luis Suarez. Shame on Liverpool FC

I haven't made any comments on the Evra Vs Suarez saga to date but today's latest development as viewed in this clip below has forced me into a response. For those who don't know (where have you been if you don't?!), I'm an Aston Villa fan and therefore have no additional gripe with one of these teams over the other - my views are those of a football fan.

I wouldn't be surprised if people who have gone to sports management colleges agree with me on this.

It is to Luis Suarez's shame that he didn't shake Patrice Evra's hand after the latter reached out to do so at the start of today's big match. Suarez has paid the price with a long ban and should've had more about him than to reduce himself further by rebuffing what was a laudable act by Evra in the trying circumstances.

It further reduced any respect I have for a club after recent comments by manager Kenny Dalglish on Suarez's return from suspension only inflamed matters further. Dalglish should know better than to say what he did.

The Warren Gatland Example
Indeed, a good example of a manager speaking the truth of a situation even if it doesn't necessarily help his own team was that of Welsh rugby coach Warren Gatland when he admitted last weekend after the tense Ireland Vs Wales 6 Nations opener that Bradley Davies should've been given a red card instead of the yellow that he received for that spear tackle in the 2nd half. Gatland was right and us Welsh were very lucky that referee Barnes didn't see it that same way at the time.

Sometimes, managers need to rise their heads above the din and the parochial nature of sporting life and actually say what is right. Dalglish didn't and today's actions by a petulant Luis Suarez further goes to demonstrate just how out of touch he and his football club are on this matter.

For that alone, I was delighted that Manchester United ended up winning the game.


  1. As a neutral's comments they are well made.

    What I can't stand is Sir Alex Ferguson saying that one refusal of a handshake is grounds for the guy never to play for Liverpool ever again, saying that he has brought the game into disrepute. Not that Sir Alex is the best example of not holding a grudge. Just when did he last speak to the BBC?

  2. Sorry I meant how long did he refuse to speak to the BBC

  3. Not really convinced there was as much tension at Lansdowne Road, Mark, to be honest.

    Dalglish and Surly Alex are two peas in a pod, as are the players. Not that either of them will win anything more than the Carling Cup.

  4. Fair point Stephen and yes, Sir Alex is as guilty as any for going OTT at times but from what I gather, he did at least say after the match that the way Evra celebrated at the final whistle was ill-advised and full credit to Fergie for saying that.