Saturday, 4 February 2012

Going Global

Though my blogging musings have been lighter over the past month or so, this blog has nevertheless made some international strides in recent weeks.

Firstly around Christmas, I was contacted by a business from across the pond in America asking for an opportunity to advertise with selected links in blog posts that matched their product. You probably won't have seen then, but they are there and in the last few days, the $40 (£25) payment reached my bank account via PayPal. It's only a small amount but after just over a year, it's a pleasant bonus to find that my musings can help earn me a little money along the way! More than that for me, it's great to know that people from all over the world are reading this blog.

BBC World Service
It's a surreal concept but it was re-iterated again yesterday when my Innocent Until Proven Guilty - Chris Huhne & John Terry blog post of earlier that morning was picked up by the BBC. I had a call in the afternoon from a BBC World Radio Service researcher in London asking for me to contribute on their 'Have Your Say' programme with Neil Hamilton and former Chicago politician Jim Laski about being innocent until proven guilty. I've spoken on radio many times - mainly on local or regional radio. Never have I spoken on the World Service! It was again a rather surreal 10 minutes and though I was interupted a few times by the presenter it doesn't bother me - you roll with the punches in such an environment! It can be heard here.

It was neverthless great that this little blog of mine managed to catch the eye and gave me that opportunity to speak to the World in this way that I have never quite experienced before.

A Small World
People from 178 nations or territories have visited this blog over the past 17 months or so. That has been one of the greatest enjoyments that I have taken from this blog in that time - the realisation that it really is a small world and we are all just a click away from touching the lives of others.

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