Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cole's Musical Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 1

It's December which means for those who have them, it's time to get out those chocolate advent calendars!

But for those of you who, like me, don't do such things anymore (and indeed for those of you who still do!), I thought I'd give my own unique little twist on this festive time of year with my Musical Advent Calendar countdown of my Top 25 favourite Christmas songs!

Culminating with my favourite on Christmas Eve, I will blog a song a day, beginning with an opening double salvo today to whet your appetite!

So here we go...

Cole's Musical Christmas Advent Calendar - Day 1!

We begin with an Irving Berlin classic from 1942. It's Bing Crosby's White Christmas.

We zip forward in time to a modern hit by Peter Kay's alter-ego Geraldine McQueen in 2008 - Once Upon a Christmas Song!


  1. Mr Cole I do believe we appear to be doing a similar theme. As mine are all pre-written I'll be interested to see if we intersect at any point in the advent calendars :-)

  2. Brilliant! Yes indeed we shall! Mine are all pre-prepared also and ready to go.

    What time of day do you normally release yours or is there no telling? Would be amusing to release them at the same time! I've tried to pre-set blog posts to be published but it has never seemed to work on blogger unless I'm doing something wrong.

  3. Mine are scheduled for 8am Mon - Sat with a one hour lie in on Saunday. I've gone for an earlier random time on Christmas Day for all my friends with kids to have something to look at :-)