Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Musical Tribute to a much missed Dad on his 75th Birthday

Today would've been my Father's 75th birthday. He passed away in June 2003 aged just 66 and I have mentioned him many times before in this blog. His lasting legacies to me are plentiful, many of which I have touched upon previously.

But to celebrate his birthday today, I wanted to remember him through the music that he enjoyed and which I in turn in turn, grew to enjoy and love also.

He listened to a wide ranging mix of music did Dad and I suppose that in itself answers why my taste in music is so eclectic.

Here below is just a sample of Dad's taste in music. He liked ABBA and Chiquitita in particular but it was through his playing of the instrumental Arrival that I fell in love with that under-rated piece of music. He often played the sound of the Wurlitzer and it became a regular sound from his bedroom and his editing suite. I now have one of those CDs and when I play it, I think of him and the holiday when we and mum went to Blackpool to see the illuminations and visited the Tower Ballroom itself.

We often had David Alexander playing in the car. Dad was a fan and it wasn't long before I knew all of his lyrics off my heart - I still do. Though Dad couldn't speak Welsh, he had a deep love of Welsh choral music as now do I.

ABBA - Arrival

Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer

David Alexander - Working Man

Welsh Male Voice Choir

Finally, the music that will always remind me of my father more than any other - the wonderful sound of the Strauss family Waltzes. Every year we would sit down together to watch the live coverage of the New Years Day Concert from Vienna on BBC2. I still do so to this day.

The Blue Daube - Johann Strauss (Vienna New Years Day Concert)

This music touches me because it clearly touched my father. When I listen to it, he is still alive. It therefore goes without saying that I listen to this varied mix of music often.

So this Dad, is for you - your music and through you, my music. Or what I really mean is, our music. Happy Birthday and thank you for everything.

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