Monday, 8 August 2011

Total Politics Blog Awards

I hope that Alex Folkes doesn't mind my leaning on his insight into mentioning that the Total Politics annual blog awards nominations have opened this morning.

As a new blogger on the scene over the past 12 months, I must admit that I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to release my creative juices onto the wide world during this time. As keen readers will be aware, there are no limits to what I may write about. Be it about local issues here on the Council in Ceredigion, Welsh issues or national issues more widely, my musings as a Liberal Democrat activist or my passions for sport, music, TV and family, there is no telling what I may coment upon.

I've been mildly staggered at the amount of people that have read my blog during the past year and hope that my posts have been both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable to read.

I've just cast my votes for the blogs that I have enjoyed reading over the past year. If you haven't done so yet, I would encourage you to do so and if you feel that my little addition to the blogosphere merits a nod in the Lib Dem, Wales and/or Councillor categories, then it would be great for you to do so right here. Either way, you have to vote for at least five blogs in order of preference and voting closes at midnight on August 19th.

Get voting!

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