Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cardigan Street Racing (featuring the 2011 Welsh National Criterium Championship)

It's been a glorious day in Cardigan.

The town centre today hosted its 2nd annual Welsh National Criterium Championship as a part of a day of Cardigan Street Racing.

We've had hundreds of locals and tourists in the centre of town watching up and coming youngsters and top quality street racers strutting their stuff in an ubber competitive environment.

See below some photos of the event that I took from around the challenging town centre circuit during the course of the afternoon.

It's been a good day for Cardigan. Well done to the competitors for putting on such a great show for us and to the event organisers Velo Teifi who have expertly organised and put together in advance a full programme of races and to the marshalls on the day today for ensuring that the safety of the competitors and the public has been at the forefront of their minds.

Finally, thank you to Mr Blue Sky for bringing the weather to make it a crackin' day out for the whole family.

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