Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Brian Blessed, Chancellor of Cambridge University?!

I couldn't believe it myself. But Brian 'Gordon's Alive!' Blessed is standing to be the next Chancellor of Cambridge University!

This has passed me by but apparently, Cambridge University is preparing itself for its first election to the Chancellorship since 1847!

Will this man be the next
Chancellor of Cambridge University?!
The University's choice to succeed the retiring Prince Phlilip (who has served as Chancellor for 35 years since December 1976) is Lord Davd Sainsbury, the former Labour Party Minister for Science and Innovation between 1998-2006. However, his expected unopposed elevation hit the ropes when a local shopkeeper Abdul Arain threw his hat into the ring in opposition to the Sainsbury empire's growing dominance over Cambridge High Street.

Brian Blessed's name then appeared after a successful Facebook campaign encouraged him to stand. Finally, before nominations closed back in June, the successful socialist barrister Michael Mansfield QC became the 4th candidate for a role that has previously been undertaken by Lords of the Realm, a Prince Consort (Prince Albert) and former Prime Ministers (such as Balfour and Baldwin).

Here is Blessed's You Tube pitch for the role in which he describes his humble origins and argues that the next Chancellor "must sweat blood to help people who are underprivileged", "with humour, and drive and soul and appreciation".

With no hint of irony, his most quotable line in the video comes at the end when he states "I love silence"!

But then this doesn't sound like a video meant for laughter. This, for once, is Brian Blessed being serious and being passionate about education. The concept is so ludicrous, it's positively brilliant. Can you imagine Brian Blessed handing out honorary degrees at every Cambridge University graduation ceremony?! The odd thing is, I can!

The last proper contest in 1847 saw Prince Albert, the Prince Consort score a narrow victory over the Earl of Powis by 954 votes to 837. It may have been a 164 year wait for the next contest but similarly, this looks like being another hum-dinger!

Brian Blessed? Chancellor of the University of Cambridge?! It could happen!

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