Friday, 8 July 2011

A New African Dawn - Welcoming South Sudan as the 193rd Member of the United Nations

At the stroke of midnight, 9th July (2100 GMT), South Sudan will join the community of nations as it officially becomes an independent state.

It will step out from decades of civil war as it cedes from Sudan after 99% of voters supported independence in a referendum which has been accepted by Sudan's controversial President Omar al-Bashir.

This BBC article gives the low down on what will be a historic event.

The Republic of South Sudan will become the 193rd member of the United Nations and the newest member since Montenegro officially ceded from Serbia in 2006.

As the BBC article states, South Sudan has many challenges ahead:
  • It's one of the world's least developed countries with the worst maternal mortality rate, most children below 13 are not in school and 84% of its female population are illiterate.
  • It's relations with Sudan are contentious -  Dividing debts and oil; border disputes and citizenship are areas of friction.
  • Security is a concern as there are at least seven active rebel groups.
But for now, all I can convey is my very best wishes to a people who expressed an overwhelming desire for full autonomy as a sovereign state.

Welcome to a brave new World, South Sudan.

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