Thursday, 14 July 2011

Milford Haven Coastguard Centre is Saved

Excellent news this afternoon from London as the UK Government have announced a much welcome u-turn in its original decision to close Milford Haven and Holyhead Coastguard Stations.

The original plans were widely condemned as 11 of the 18 UK-wide bases were earmarked for closure under extreme measures to cut down on costs with only 3 remaining open 24 hours a day. But now, 11 will remain open and all of them will be open 24 hours a day.

A large campaign to save our station here in west Wales has proved successful as this BBC News article states. Holyhead will also remain open in north Wales to ensure that this part of the union is well guarded but the bad news is that Swansea station which was to be downgraded is now to be closed all together under these revised plans.

For us here on the fringes of the Welsh coast however, it is vindication of the campaign to ensure that we are not forgotten here in rural west Wales.

Local Pressure
The centre of the campaign to save Milford Haven was of course concentrated in Pembrokeshire itself but here in Ceredigion, we more than did our bit. Mark Williams MP wrote to the Government calling on it to change its decision as did Ceredigion County Council. We even sent a strongly felt and worded letter from Cardigan Town Council to the same end.

It's therefore very gratifying to see that public pressure and concern has been listen too by the powers that be and that this essential resource is to remain open and will allow the invaluable service that it helps provide to go unimpeded in the years ahead.

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