Monday, 25 July 2011

Glorious - A 60s Sound Perfected for the 21st Century, Pierces' Style

I'm an oldie at heart when it comes to music as anyone who knows me will testify.

There aren't many modern songs that 'grab' me. Those that do may have a 21st century sound but as long as it has a good rhythmn, beat and lyrics then I'm open minded to anything.

But in recent months, I've heard a song that I have just presumed was from the 1960s but which I hadn't heard before. But no, The Pierces' Glorious is very much a 21st century effort but it's one that takes me back (not that I was alive at the time!) to that hippy-ish American sound of the late 60s.

The vibe for me that it chimes with is the one that goes with Scott McKenzie's San Francisco and Joan Baez' Blowin' in the Wind.

It's a cool new sound from a couple of New York sisters which in itself in my mind embraces that cool sound of old. For me at least, it's a winning combination.

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