Friday, 1 July 2011

David Cameron: An Aston Villa fan?! Oh me of dear oh my.

Well apparently it was a relatively well known fact but not until today did I realise that Prime Minister David Cameron is, like me, an Aston Villa fan.

I must admit, it doesn't really fill me with pride!

This Birmingham Mail article shows this photo of the PM jogging through Hyde Park wearing an Aston Villa shirt.

I was not aware, but his Villa credentials are actually quite pukka. His Uncle was a former Chairman of the club and he first attended a match aged 13. My first Villa Park appearance in the autumn of 1995 was also at age 13 which is greatly disconcerting!

Famous Villains
He is one of a number of well known famous fans. I knew that Prince William was a fan and also world-known violinist Nigel Kennedy. Also, Pike from Dad's Army , played by Ian Lavender, was a fan and wore the Claret and Blue scarf in the series. I was stunned recently when Tom Hanks admitted in an interview to being a fan as well. As he put it:

"Years ago I was in London and I was watching a football match and it happened to be Aston Villa.

"I thought: 'I like their colours and I like the name so I'm gonna be an Aston Villa man from now on'".

Being a big Tom Hanks fan, I thought this was brilliant! Suddenly, I felt I was in good company!

But like with Cameron, I wasn't aware that the Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King is also a fan as is Grammy-Award winning singer Amy Winehouse.

So maybe I'm not in such good company after all?!

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