Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dyfed Celt Troops the Colour! **Photo Special**

Back in the old year, I blogged about a real Dick Whittington style story as our family's Shire Horse, Dyfed Celt embarked on a new life in London with the Queen's Household Cavalry.

I blogged then of Celt's debut in the Household Cavalry during the Emir of Qatar's State Visit at Windsor Castle.

Now, aged only 6 years old and less than 3 years after we sold him, he was the pride of west Wales as he took centre stage at Horseguards Parade during the annual Trooping of the Colour parade to celebrate the Queen's Official Birthday last Saturday.

My brother Huw and his family went down to London to see the event in person. I was delighted after an emotional few days in Edinburgh, to be able to watch it on TV as our hero carried out his responsibilities as one of only two drum horses on display in front of the Queen and her family and millions of television viewers.

His official name was also finally disclosed after months of waiting. Whilst his stable name will remain as Dyfed Celt, his name for official functions will now be Mercury! He also has the rare distinction of having been given an honourary rank in the British Army as a Major!

So please enjoy on this page, thanks to the eagled eyed camera lense of Preseli Pembrokeshire's MP Stephen Crabb, the first photos of Major Mercury strutting his stuff for Queen and country!

Well done Celt! As a family, we're all very proud of you!

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  1. Freddie will be pleased at the use of his surname.