Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Vote for a New Politics in Northern Ireland - Vote Alliance

It's been all-go for me on the Welsh Liberal Democrat front over recent days, weeks and months and there's just days to go before polling day.

But whilst I'll be doing my best to elect Elizabeth Evans to the Welsh Assembly here in Ceredigion, there'll also be elections around the country in England, Scotland and not forgetting, Northern Ireland.

There, I'll be keeping a particularly keen eye out on developments as one who has a deep interest in Irish politics. I'm particularly hoping for a good night for the non-sectarian Alliance Party. They are the Liberal Democrats' sister party in that part of the Union but more importantly than that, they are the sensible, liberal voice that Northern Ireland desperately needs to move the country forward from the divisions of old.

Here is a short, and I think, very innovative clip that the party has used in the run-up to these elections (apologies for it not being totally in sync - that's my fault, not the Alliance Party's fault!).

After winning a historic election last May in Belfast East and in doing so, electing the first ever Alliance MP to Westminster in Naomi Long, I hope to see them further consolidate and grow their presence in the Stormont Assembly this coming Thursday.

Northern Ireland needs the Alliance Party.
Good luck to them on Thursday.

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