Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stevie Wonder & Paul Mc Cartney - Ebony & Ivory

I'm having a 'Stevie Wonder Sunday'.

Amidst my work of going through Council paperwork today, I'm in need of a soundtrack for my day. It's usually the 'mellow sounds' of Magic FM that sees me through but thanks to a blog post by Jonathan Calder here earlier today, I'm turned my attention to the boy Wonder.

I've got a very eclectic range of music here at home as anyone who knows me will testify but to my continuing shame, not one of my many CDs is dedicated entirely to the legend that is Stevie Wonder.

So, inspired by Jonathan this morning, I've been searching out some of his many, many hits and was particularly taken by his soulful (when aren't they?!), meaningful duet with Paul McCartney.

It's a simple message of humanity sang by two of the greatest musicians of the last century. How have I never fallen upon it before?!

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