Friday, 13 May 2011

Dennis Tanner - Back on the Street!

Last night and tonight we witness a piece of Coronation Street history as the cobbles welcomes home the return of Dennis Tanner after a 43 year absence.

This really is something a little special.

As I blogged here back in January when the announcement was made, Philip Lowrie will return as the son of Corrie legend Elsie Tanner - a full 43 years after leaving the Cobbles to live in Bristol with his new wife Jenny Sutton in 1968.

Philip Lowe played Dennis 'The Menace' Tanner back in the first ever episode on December 9th 1960, alongside Ken Barlow who is the only ever-present character on the cast from that first day.

Indeed, after Dennis' mother Elsie left the show in January 1984, Ken (played by William Roach) was the only original from that first episode left. Now, for a period of time at least he will meet up once more with his old sparring partner and it should be great!

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