Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Beer Free Lent

I've never attempt a lental 'fast' before.

But this year I decided that I was up for the challenge to test my will power and what way better than to do so by giving up beer?

A more Beer Free than a Free Beer Lent!
I'm a real ale/Guinness drinker. On certain select occasions (like these warm, warm days we're experiencing this week), a nice cold lager also goes down nicely. I don't like cider.

So with the Assembly election campaign reaching it's heightened climax, I thought the best thing to give up would be this beer. I'm glad to say that I have stuck to this challenge! Apart from a 'one-off' pint of Guinness on St Patrick's night, I've kept off the beer and stuck instead to the odd glass of wine here and there and in the main, diet coke!

I've also lost half a stone over the past 40 days. Now that could be down to the additional stomping of the pavements that comes with electioneering but I think the main reason has got to be because I've cut out those social pints of beer that I'll allow myself from time to time after a busy day of work.

So as the clock moved past midnight this morning into Holy Saturday, I drank a well deserved pint of lager to toast a successful 40-day fast.

But I'll also take heed of the fact that I've lost some much needed weight these past 40 days so perhaps in future, I'll stick a bit more to the wine!

1 comment:

  1. How dare you say you dont drink cider.

    Apple or pears, they are part of my 5 a day, so that includes cider...

    PS - I gave up paragliding for Lent!