Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bourne Free! (An Ode to missing Welsh Tory leader, Nick Bourne)

So, where was Nick?

Where's Nick gone?
The Welsh Conservatives Party Political Broadcast for the Welsh Assembly elections has just been screened but there was no sign of their leader. How come?

This after all is the current out-going Leader of the Opposition in the 2007-2011 Welsh Assembly. Indeed, he may hold aspirations of seeing his party overtake Plaid Cymru on May 5th in Assembly seats and strike a deal with them and the Welsh Liberal Democrats that would put him in place as the next First Minister.

A little far-fecthed? Well ok yes, but not wholly inconceivable. So why wasn't he to be seen on his party's PPB just weeks out from polling day?

It's all rather odd and would make you wonder whether the Welsh Conservatives want to be seen to be led by the out-going regional member for Mid & West Wales. After all, the Assembly's Tory group have been known in the past to have had their issues with their leader.

So, to salute the Welsh Conervsative leader who has apparently gone AWOL, here's a classic from Matt Monro.

It's Bo(u)rn(e) Free...

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