Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Song for Wales on Referendum Day - Now Go Do Your Duty and Vote Yes for Wales

Today's the day.

The Welsh go to the polls today in the referendum on Welsh powers. Wales needs a strong and firm 'Yes' vote to show the rest of the UK that we are an increasingly self-confident nation and people who are willing and ready to take our own destiny in our own hands.

To celebrate my patriotic Welshness on this important day in our history and in the development of our country, I have chosen some Welsh songs that proudly remind me that I was born a lucky man - I was born a Welshman.

To begin with, our Tiger Bay temptress Shirley Bassey. "I Am What I Am" - Welsh! Then her duet with Bryn Terfel"We'll Keep A Welcome in the Hillside".

There's the spine-tingling 'Men of Harlech' as was performed in the film blockbuster Zulu.

There is nothing better than a Welsh Male Voice Choir in full flow. Here we have our national anthem 'Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau', the beautifully melancholic 'Myfanwy', the beloved 'Calon Lan' and the world renowned 'Cwm Rhondda' (Bread of Heaven).

All of this, because, as Cerys Matthews from Catatonia sang: "Every Day When I Wake Up, I Thank The Lord I'm Welsh".

Cymru Am Byth

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  1. Whereas we have no choice where we are born and live, I was born in England and everyday I am proud to wake up and thank whoever, that I am English.

    HOWEVER, I love Wales and living here. It is SO beautiful and I couldnt live anywhere better.

    And I have voted YES...... by postal vote.