Thursday, 10 March 2011

My (Un) Healthy Fight Begins Now

I need to lose weight.

There's no getting around this fact and I'm now starting the fightback. I've done it before so I know I can do it again but that doesn't mean it'll be easy.

The 2004 Model Looking Svelte
(I look pretty good too!)
I now weigh more than I ever have and it shows. I've known this to be the case for a while but it struck me particularly earlier when I happened to fall upon (ok, I admit, I was deliberatly looking for) this S4C BBC iPlayer footage from the Welsh Liberal Democrat conference in Cardiff last weekend. I usually watch back my media performances to pick up pointers on how I can improve but the only thing that I could notice this time was how fat I look in the face.

Well, I've already began to combat this but it needs to be taken up a few more notches. I have now, as of last week, with thanks from the lovely Elizabeth Evans, a cross-trainer in the house which I've started using and which I need to get into the habit of using on a regular basis.

The 2008 Model in Thailand after 6 months in the Gym
The Gym and Me (circa 2007-2008)
I've been here before.

Back in 2007, having said for years that I'd go to the gym to get fit (more so than to lose weight), I finally bit the bullet and went there for a solid 6 months at least 2 or 3 times a week. I lost weight and it naturally made me eat healthier and gave me more positive energy. It took a while getting going on the bike, treadmill, rowing machine, cross-trainer and the like but once the habit was made, I'd almost go as far to say that I enjoyed it. Then in early 2008, I had a holiday to Thailand and when I came back home to Cardigan, with a shot bank balance, I wasn't able to continue with my membership. I should've of course gone freestyle and gone for runs around the patch but that never happened and gradually over the past 3 years, I've slipped back to where I was back in the summer of 2007.

The 2009/2010 Model - A Hunk of Burning Love
or just on the Way Down?
Being Mayor of Cardigan in 2009-2010 certainly played it's part. The dinners built up but more than that, I never had any time spare to look after myself properly. But since then, over the past 12 months, I haven't rectified that.

So I now find myself needing to get back into the routine that served me so well 3 years ago.

A Matter of Eating Less, But More Often
But what I've learned from speaking to friends over recent weeks is that getting fit in itself won't be enough. Yes I need to eat healthier, that goes without saying, but then I'm confident that that will come naturally as it did 3 years ago.

What I do need to learn to do however it to eat regularly. I have had a propensity, without even realising it, to go long periods without eating and then eating a lot in one go. Because of my on-the-go political workload over the years, perhaps I have unwittingly found myself deciding to avoid some meals to save time for work to be done in the knowledge that I can do all of my 'eating' in one fail swoop later in the day. Certainly, the concept of having a regular breakfast, lunch and supper isn't one that has settled into my psyche for years - probably since I left for University 10 years ago. So my body, under such an onslaught of not knowing how long it will go before the next meal, will store what I do eat to compensate for the hours and hours that I can go without eating.

The 2011 Model - Time for Action
Not exactly a healthy lifestyle is it!

Yet, it's only in recent weeks that this particular fact has resonated with me. So it's now a matter of eating less, but eating more regularly and working that cross-trainer to lose the pounds that I will also save by eating less (sorry, pun intended).

So this post is really a personal 'call to arms' to myself to remind me visually of what can be achieved and what needs to be achieved once again.

It'll also spur me on knowing that I'll have let others read this. Yes, I have no excuses, I know you'll all be watching!


  1. Mark,

    In the 2004 photo, you look like a 15 year old school boy and so you probably would look thin in the face when you were presumably in your early 20's.

    You didnt say anything about the weight being due to drink. I dont mean tea.

    Yes, if you want to feel healthier, do it, but dont knock yourself as you are coming up to 30 and as we get older, we start to look more mature.

    You are not overweight, unless you have piled on the pounds since I last saw you, so please dont start thinking you need to get back to looking like you did in 2004.

    With age, comes maturity and unfortunately, some additional weight. I know I need to lose a couple of stone, but I am happy in myself, so dont knock yourself if you think you are fat/overweight, otherwise it might make me think you have an eating disorder.

    I look in the mirror everyday and think how thin I am (LOL....).

    Just be careful and dont get paranoid in wanting to return to the young Harry Potter look.

    PS - if you have any food to dispose of, I'll take it off your hands. lol...

  2. From the pictures, you don't need to lose weight. Thats crazy talk.